Atlanta Family Practice Facility
Atlanta Family Practice Facility, Completed March, 2013

Balancing creative passion with passionate customer service

At Logan Design Group, personalized customer service means that we believe our customers know best about their own environment. As a result, our architects and design specialists always take the time to listen to you; how else can we fully understand your vision for your upcoming project? We endeavor to work side-by-side with clients both on-site and on the drawing board.

Our goal is to provide an innovative, cost effective solution that meets your specific project objectives.

Excellence in design and execution

Your life and your community is defined by the spaces you inhabit. We build spaces that help people connect with their environment, their community and each other. Our work is characterized by a sense of space and place that integrate retail space, public space and cultural facilities.

The hallmark of our design is not any certain style or architectural vocabulary. Rather, the distinctive quality of our work is found in our individual response to your unique criteria and conditions. After all, no two clients are alike, so no two projects and no two designs are exactly alike either.